I basically grew up on a farm...

My parents were both teachers and in the summer we would grow and sell sweet corn to local grocery stores and neighbors in our small town in Pennsylvania.

At the time, I didn’t think of this as an entrepreneurial effort, but looking back I can tell this dream was being nurtured.

Image Alycia Darby

I also had a dream to be a movie star...

When I was 8, I wrote a letter to Hollywood, “Dear Hollywood” explaining how I’d had 5 years of ballet, tap and jazz classes, I could fake a great English accent and to keep me in mind in case they needed me in a movie in the future. I had a [healthy] obsession with Los Angeles and always dreamed of what it would be like to live in southern California. (They never wrote back, but whatever.)

After graduate school, I moved to Los Angeles (not to be an actress) for a position as a career coach and leadership professor at a prestigious university.

(though, secretly hoping they’d pluck me from the crowd for a lead role)

My first entrepreneurial adventure came rather suddenly.

Alycia Darby

I decided to leave my cushy university job with a hope and a prayer to start an online business.

I’d heard all the stories of entrepreneurs ‘burning the boats’ and then God gave them exactly what they needed and they hit a huge success.

I guess I missed the part where they hired the consultant God brought to them and built certain systems for success… I guess we only hear what we’re ready to understand.

I literally had no clue what I was doing. I was basically making it up as I went.

(this is not recommended)

My savings account slowly dwindled down as I struggled to figure out this ‘online business’ thing reading the “4-Hour Work Week,” some free ebooks, and a bunch of YouTube videos.

Out of the blue (sorta), I got a call from the Miss California pageant directors inviting me to return to compete for this year’s pageant. I was flattered and I had competed in lots of pageants before with some success and had been helping lots of other girls win. Plus, I thought, “maybe this is exactly the big break I need to catapult me into stardom and business success.” So, I said, “Yes!”

The pageant was 3 months away, and I was tired of pretending to work on my online business, so I poured my whole heart into pageant preparation!

I created a 90-Day Strategy divided up into weekly goals and chased it down like it stole my kitten!

90 Days later, I won Miss California.

Miss California

The next few months, everything appeared the same: I woke up in my Santa Monica apartment with bills to pay and still no business, no clients, and no big break. The dream of being swept into stardom hadn’t really come true. I’d put a lot of eggs in this basket and they weren’t panning out. I was running out of ideas.

Just when I was at my wits end, I remember this major lesson:

The 90-Day Strategy

(...and the fact that no one wants your success more than you do, so you gotta be the one chasing it, but that was more of a painful lesson than a happy one, so I’ll tell it another time.)

The 90-Day Strategy was what I used to crack the code on how to get clear, stay focused, and achieve my dreams.

Now, it was ON, baby!

I started to give myself just 90-days to get massive projects done. Each 90 days, I’d set a new goal and get an effective strategy to achieve it. Sometimes, I’d even finish sooner because I was so clear on what I was doing!

From 2015-2017, with my 90-Day Strategies (and countless coaches with amazing systems), I created a #1 iTunes Podcast, published a Bestselling Book, built my Email List, created a Signature Online Course, developed an Automated Sales Funnel, implemented Facebook advertising, and other systems for sales and marketing.

My business grew, my audience grew, my sales grew, and my confidence grew!

FINALLY I could say I was a Successful Online Business Owner AND a “tv” Celebrity
(Online tv is much more nimble than Hollywood, anyway *wink*).

Pageant Interview Game Plan

It seemed like I had overnight success. People started asking me…

“How did you create an automated online business in just 2 years?”

My answer:

“One 90-Day Strategy After the Next”

Can I tell you something, though? It can happen a lot quicker than that. Now, my clients are launching their businesses in half the time I did simply because I’ve dialed in the strategies even more after having done it so many times.

In fact, it took me awhile to get over my bitterness that I wasted 2 years messing around without a plan (not to mention the endless stress and worry that was impacting my health) instead of just getting the right strategies to catapult my success.

By the end of 2017, my online business was fully automated (thanks, especially, to my video show) and I set out to teach my 90-Day Strategy to other entrepreneurs who want their own online business through my transformational program Influencer Marketing Mastery.

I believe you have a dream too.

Here’s the truth: God has placed your dream inside your heart.

It’s your purpose, what you’re meant for. You can feel it. It’s this deep calling that’s begging you for more - can you can barely even see the path to achieve it.

He is expecting you to run toward that dream and at just the right time, He puts the right resources, people, and situations in front of you to light your way. It is your job to put in the work and chase that dream – He’s counting on you!

Just as my dreams of being an entrepreneur and on-camera star came to life once I buckled in and went for it...

You are meant to live your dreams!

It’s my job to give you the skills and strategies so you can live your purpose and influence others with integrity.

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