7: Instantly Improve Your Sales by Changing One Word

In this video, we’re gonna talk about how you can drastically improve your sales by changing one little word. Throughout our entire lives. We are constantly using the Pronoun I, I’m so excited I’m doing this. I’ve got that going, I like you, whatever it is, even if we’re talking about other people, it’s still coming from a place of I, Right? and why is that?

Well, it’s because you are the star of your own life movie I and the Star of my own life movie. So at my whole perception when I tell you what’s happening in my movie, it’s from I, it’s from my perspective. Right? And the same with you. When you talk about your life story, you are saying I but you because you’re telling the movie from your perspective in sales what we need to do and just really in persuasive conversations in general.

So it doesn’t matter who you’re talking with. If you’re trying to get sponsors for an event or if you are really just wanting to ask somebody out on a date or you’re trying to get your mom to say yes to something like it doesn’t matter what the environment is, but it’s a persuasive conversation.

Instead of explaining the movie from your perspective, explain the movie from their perspective.

So what I mean by that is like, think of it this way, you are more of a supporting actress in this other person’s movie. Just like I need to recognize I am a supporting actress in your movie, right?

Like you don’t live my whole day and like go about the day living in Alicia’s body, right? You live in your own body and I have to recognize that you don’t care as much about my story as you do about your story.

The same is true for your clients. So you’ve got to think about from their perspective, what it does the story look like. Like what’s the movie that’s happening on their side of the table? So the best way to do this is to, instead of saying the word, I change your sentence and start with you.

So what that could look like is if you are, let’s say that you are a coach and you’re having a phone call with somebody that you know that your program would be able to help this person and you’re wanting to enroll them into your program. So on the phone with them, if you say, well I this and I that and I think it’d be really great for you to come on board with us and I think that you’d benefit so much from this and, and you know, I have this, this training and I have that training and I did this myself.

You are speaking about their supporting actress they’re like, well what about the lead? What about the lead actress here? Like, tell me more about them, right? So instead of saying “I, I, I.” changed the entire story to “You, you, you.” Tell them the entire, the same stuff, just tell it from their perspective. So instead of saying, well, I have a training module for you on that, which seems so harmless, right? I have a training module for you on that topic you’re interested in. Right? Instead of saying that, say start with the word you don’t say, I have this.

Say You could use this program to solve that problem for yourself because there is a training module for you, right? So it’s, it’s literally a subtle as and simple as that by instead of saying all of your sentences starting with I, which we typically do, just see if you can start all of your sentences with you and frame it like, and I and I keep going like this physical cause I’m like, I’m like moving my hand. The other side of this person that I’m speaking with, like, because you really want to reposition yourself from their perspective.

What does the world look like from their perspective?

That’s what we do when we talk about ideal clients. Like we, we really want to understand them and get into their mind. We got to see the movie that they are living because they are the lead. And so if you are the writer, the writing, the script of they’re moving, what would they be saying? What? What were the words come from their mouth, right? What would they be really looking for? And if you’re the guide taking this hero, this lead on the journey, where do they need to be at next? Say it from their perspective.

So the very subtle word that you’re changing is instead of saying, I say you and you can easily practice this in your everyday life. So think about the next time that you are interacting with people and truly just getting to know them. Or maybe you’re trying to convince your friends to come to do something with you. Or maybe on your next enrollment call, think about exactly what you can do.

Two, instead of saying “I, I,I,” I change all of the sentences you would normally start with eye to “You, you, you.” And what it does is it shifts the perspective. So, of course, you can’t just say, I have a training module and say you have a training module. Well, I guess in that case that was a pretty good example, but in most sentences, it’s not going to be quite that easy, but by just shifting those two words, by starting with them, all of the rest of the sentence will fall into place. So it’s going to take a little bit of practice. Some people are actually very, this is just natural for them. Some people naturally speak very much from the EU perspective, but if you don’t already, that’s okay.

It’s an easy skill that you can learn and I promise it will drastically change your sales.