5: Improve Your Online Presence Fast with this One Trick

In this video, we’re going to talk about how you can improve your online presence with one simple trick.

Now, listen, as a personal brand or as a business owner, you likely already know the importance of having some presence on social media, right? I’m sure that doesn’t come as a shocker to you. If you have heard that before that you know your personal brand or your business needs to be on social media, just type the word brand in the comments below this video because I want to make sure that’s the first step, right? You already know that you need to be on social media, but let me explain what tends to happen to those of us that get really excited, right?

When you start a business or you know that you’re ready to launch your personal brand into the Interwebs. Then we start to get excited about social media and we put up all the things and we set up the youtube channel and we set up the Instagram channel and we set up the LinkedIn and the Pinterest and we get everything going in the Facebook page and the Facebook group and the Facebook profile, all these things.

There’s a lot of them, right? But we set them all up. And what can tend to happen usually over time, and usually just if you’re not careful, this could happen in your personal life before you even start your business, that all of these things start to kind of take on a different personality.

And that just happens because you know, maybe you take a photo out with your friends and you post on Instagram and you realize like, wow, that’s a really good picture.

I’m going to make that picture my profile on Instagram. And then it doesn’t get updated on all the other channels. And then maybe we’re out, we, you know, take a new job. And so we get a professional headshot and that’s what goes on LinkedIn. So pretty soon over the course of time when you look across all of your social channels, they could look very different.

Now think about your visitors, your potential clients, and customers when they are interacting with your brand on social media and they come to your Facebook page and it looks totally different than your LinkedIn page. Maybe your LinkedIn page looks very professional and then your Facebook page as you like toasting margaritas with a friend and then on Instagram you’re like making another goofy face and you’re just totally looking away from the camera or maybe it’s a scenery shot or something is completely disjointed from your brand.

The quickest way to uplevel your social presence is to do what I call the row a headshot.

That’s the strategy to hero a headshot. By that I mean you choose one headshot like a, you know, a close-up shoulder and maybe a little like of this area through the top of your head. That’s your headshot and you use the one really great image and you use it as your profile picture across all of your social channels.

What this does is it allows your brand new client or customer, some of that’s just being introduced to you to show up at your Instagram and your Facebook and your LinkedIn and your youtube channel and feel at home. They just know that that’s you, so they feel safe and comfortable following and subscribing and liking your things because they know that this is where they want to be.

Thinking of it this way, when you meet a new author, let’s say you just read this really great book and you’re like, this author is so awesome and you wanted then go follow their social channels and maybe dig deeper into what they can offer you. That’s what you do, right? You search for them on Linkedin, you search them on Google Plus, you search them on Facebook, you start to interact with them on Instagram, and if those channels look like a little bit different or maybe you’re not sure that that’s really who that is that you’re wanting to follow, then it creates that seed of doubt in your potential customer or client.

And our job as consultants and coaches is all about removing doubts and removing fear to get people to take that next step with you.

So here we need a headshot across all of your social channels will drastically increase and improve your social media presence because people are going to want to follow you that much more.

Now if you want to take it the next step further, then the next thing you could do is synchronize and align all of your actual cover images. So now we’re talking not just the little headshot in the corner, but now all of the cover images. You know, Youtube has one, LinkedIn has one, Facebook has one for pages and profiles and groups. All of these different things have that cover image. That’s a really great place to announce your brand message or to communicate your core belief through that actual cover image, because now when people arrive, it really feels fully, completely like you.