12: How to Manage Your Social Life During Your Side Hustle

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how you can manage your social life while you’re building your business as a side hustle.

So having a social life is not something you need to completely put on hold when you’re trying to build your business, no matter how much time or how little time you actually have. But what I’ve found from my clients is when they are building a business on the side of a fulltime job, whether it be a nine to five or if they are an entrepreneur in a different area of business and they’re kind of building a separate branch, or if they’re a full-time parent. So anytime you’re building something on the side, of course, things have to kind of get balanced out a bit.

So in this episode, we’re going to talk specifically about your social life and some strategies that you can use and see if they work for you. You know you don’t have to implement everything, but see if these could work for you to really reclaim your social life. Not feel like you’re missing out on everything. But still, be able to invest time to build your business.

So the first thing that I recommend is to announce your cave days.

Now, you’re cave day. I’ve done an episode about this in the past. I’ll make sure to link that in the show notes. But a cave day is basically the day that you are devoting to your work.

So if you work a typical nine to five job during the Workweek, then maybe your cave days would be on Saturdays, or maybe it would be Tuesday and Thursday evening or something like that. But you really want to say like, when are those and announced them to people, let them know “like, Hey, look”, Saturday mornings I’m going to be working in my job, my business. “Uh”, so I’m not able to do that. It’s really interesting to me that when you are at actual work, people do tend to think like, “oh”, well I better let her alone because she’s at work. Right?

But it’s like for whatever reason, sometimes when we work for ourselves, people think, “oh”, well she’s an entrepreneur. She could answer her phone any time of day, right? “Not Right. Not True”.

You really do need to devote yourself to your business during the Times that you say you are working on your business. So don’t allow the lines to be blurred between the Times you’re working on your business and your social life. So the first thing is to announce when are the times you’re working on your business that is going to be crystal clear to your social friends that they know the boundaries.

Now the second thing that I’ve done the past, and this works great for me, maybe it will work for you too, is to compartmentalize your social life.

So for me, I like to spend times with friends at church after church and then maybe after the brunch after church, you know? So for me, if I have a new friend that wants to grab lunch or something, then my comment will always be joined me for church and we’ll grab brunch afterward because I compartmentalize my social life because I can’t be bothered by, you know, Wednesday in the middle of the day, going out for lunch to have a conversation with a new friend when I’m busy doing content creation and doing management things, you know?

So, I like to compartmentalize social time so that it is really like bookends my weekend time. So for you, that could even be maybe on Tuesdays you know that you’re going to go to a networking event and then after that, you’re going to go meet up with one friend and then you guys are all going to go to the movies or something like that. That is a way of compartmentalizing.

You know, it could even be Saturday morning, maybe you’ve got breakfast with a friend and then you head out for a bike ride with somebody else and then you do lunch with a third friend that’s compartmentalizing. So it’s really keeping them into compartment mental time so that you’re not feeling like “all willy nilly like, oh, I gotta go do this”. I got to go to that. Like you’re just putting it in a box, that’s compartmentalizing his social time.

Now my third trick for you, again, maybe it’ll work for you and maybe it won’t, but this is something that has worked really well for me as I’ve built my business, is to actually have what I called a monthly meet up.

Now my monthly meetup was essentially a time for me to invite all of my friends in one setting so that we got to see each other without having to feel overwhelmed by, you know, seeing one person one week and someone else the next week and someone else the next week. But rather we just could always count on the fact that that meetup was coming up, that we would all be able to see each other. And it really for me, and I know for many of my other friends too who are entrepreneurs, it released a lot of pressure of feeling like we needed to touch base all the time and that we needed to plan something else coming up or that we were losing touch.

Like we just knew that we have that monthly meet up on the calendar. And in fact, I have a new group that I’ve been doing this with lately, a brunch the last Saturday of the month and it’s so great because we all just come together and it’s an opportunity. It’s on the calendar already. It will be there every single month and we just know it’s there and it’s a great place to socialize because it’s been in the calendar for months and so we know to expect it and we know what it is meant for.

So it’s not something we’re going to slide into the week or bump things around. It’s just on the calendar and it’s ready to go.

I will see you next time.
And until then, don’t forget it is now your time to shine.