10: How to Get a Big Project Done Fast

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how you can get a huge project done in a very short amount of time.

Now I call this strategy the Cave Day strategy because it is very similar to crawling into a cave and then finishing your project and emerging with it having been completed. So isn’t that great news? Wouldn’t you love to right now just crawl in a little hole and emerge with the big project that is on your plate right now to be completely done?

That is what the Cave Day strategy is. I first started doing this when I became an entrepreneur many years ago, an accountability partner. And I created this concept and I’m sure we aren’t the only people doing this out there. I know lots of entrepreneurs do this in a really successful way.

Essentially what we did was we would choose one day of the week where she and I would touch base at the beginning and say, okay, what’s the project we’re working on today? Then we would go to our respective caves in our offices and at the end of that day we would meet back up again and say, okay, did you get it done? And that was how we were able to progress through a lot of projects in a short amount of time. But there are a few keys to the Cave Day that I want to talk with you about in this episode.

So three specific steps rather make sure that your Cave Day is wildly successful.

So the very first step is you’ve got to have a very pointed goal.

So you have to know what will success look like on the other side of this “Cave Day, Cave hour, Cave weekend, a cave week.” Whatever it is, you actually need to book off your Cave Day.

So you might say that you are going to have your new book completely edited by the end of that cave day. Or maybe you would say that you are going to have like six episodes recorded at the end of your Cave Day. Maybe you are renovating your office or maybe you are doing client projects. Whatever it is that you need to accomplish during your cave date. It’s got to be really, really crystal clear and it needs to end in a celebration.

So once all of this is over, how am I going to celebrate with my accountability partner and me, we celebrated on that phone call together. So it doesn’t have to be a massive go out for a steak dinner or something, although it could be, maybe your celebration is simply that you reach out to your coach or to your accountability partner and you just let them know it is done.

So that is the very first step. Get crystal clear on your project and your celebration.

Now the second step for your Cave Day success is you’ve got to have a task list.

You really need to start your Cave Day knowing what are all of the projects that need to happen, the mini things, the little tasks that are a part of this bigger project.

What are all the little things that need to be done? I’ve found that for myself and for my clients, when they know exactly what they need to do, it’s so much easier to actually take action because there are no questions. You’re not trying to come up with a strategy on the start of the Cave Day. Like Cave Day is all about implementation. You were just getting it done.

All right, so a task list is super important. I would always do a task list before my cave day, so I would just show up into my office for my Cave Day and have all of my tasks laid out for me and in what order they need to be done. That makes you just fly through your project so much faster. So that’s number two is to make sure you make your task list.

Number three. Now this one you would think is the most obvious. If you’re going into a cave, we should bring some survival elements, right? But this was one of the things that I did not do on my very first cave day and it totally threw off my game.

So this essentially brings your snacks.

So for me having snacks ready is I have to know that my breakfast, lunch, and dinner are in the fridge. I cannot be going out for these things. And then waiting in line and getting into a different environment, I really have to stay in the cave experience so that the first time that I emerged, that thing is done. That is what tricks your brain to keep you at the moment to keep you productive.

So I would have like carrots on hand and cucumbers or yogurts or whatever you need to get you through the day. Lots of water. Make sure that you are feeding yourself throughout the day, healthy foods that are going to ensure your energy throughout the length of your Cave Day experience.

I keep putting that in air quotes because Cave “Day” could simply be a cave afternoon or a cave hour or cave 20 minutes. Maybe you just need to write that email you’ve been putting off for forever and you’re like, you know what? I’m going to give myself 20 minutes and I will not emerge from this cave experience until it’s done.

Whatever your Cave Day is for you, it’s got to be number one crystal clear and have a little celebration so that you know when it is completed.

The second thing is you’ve got to have your project task list so it’s really clear exactly what you’re doing.

The third thing is to make sure you’ve got all of the snacks and all of the self-care handled before you enter your cave so that you truly can remain there until the work is done.

Now, I have used this project to write my own book. My husband actually, I helped him write his book one weekend. We just like went into our proverbial cave. We did not leave the house all weekend because the book wasn’t done. So it wasn’t until the book was done, I already had champagne in the house. That was our celebration. We popped the bubbly and we celebrated the fact that the book was accomplished.

What is a project that is currently on your task list? Or maybe it’s just a project that is something that could be put off forever and forever and forever. But you are thinking like, “hmm”, I could probably use this whole Cave Day concept to actually get this done.